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Urobo Biotech offers a range of innovative solutions that address the growing need for sustainable waste management and the reduction of plastic pollution.

Our core offering revolves around enzymatic recycling of bioplastics specifically where they enter existing waste streams, with a particular focus on PLA (Polylactic Acid) materials. We offer drop-in microbial and enzymatic processes to break down bioplastics in these settings and produce high-value fuels and chemicals from the bioplastic fractions.

This not only saves costs on the removal and disposal of bioplastics, but also allows waste processing facilities to generate value and extra revenue from the influx of bioplastic materials.


Recycling of bioplastics in:

Urobo Organic Waste 01

Organic waste recycling facilities

Urobo Plastic Recycling

Conventional plastic recycling facilities

Urobo Bio Plastic

Bioplastic production facilities

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