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We’ve developed a proven method to transform bioplastics into a valuable resource, while minimising waste and environmental impact.

Our approach to tackle the increase in bioplastic waste is to treat and valorise bioplastic fractions in the waste settings where they currently occur. The specificity of our enzyme technologies allows us to selectively convert bioplastic fractions in organic waste or traditional plastic recycling streams to high-value fuels and chemicals. This circumvents separate collection and sorting requirements for bioplastics. Ultimatelyallowing us to penetrate the market while bioplastic waste levels remain relatively low.

Once bioplastics reach levels that justify separate collection, sorting and recycling, Urobo Biotech will be ready to deploy its recycling technology as dedicated bioplastic recycling facilities.

Our Processes

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Bioplastics in organic waste:

The addition of our enzymatic solutions to organic waste containing high levels of bioplastics can boost biogas production, and reduce processing times and the amount of waste sent to landfill/incinerators.

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Mixed plastic recycling:

Using our enzymatic recycling technology, bioplastics can be selectively recycled from mixed plastic waste streams.

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Enzymatic Recycling:

Our unique enzymatic hydrolysis technology efficiently transforms bioplastics into valuable chemical building blocks, paving the way for a circular economy.

Explore the journey of bioplastics from waste
to resource with Urobo Biotech.

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